Photo by Dan Achatz

It's so difficult today, to get your message out there. Media is everywhere.

Television, radio, print and the web, it just makes you want to scream.  As a result of the explosion of these visual media, many of us get lost in the clutter. Albatross Media specializes in helping you rise to the top.

As experts in web strategies , we are continually adjusting our web designs to meet the ever changing requirements of Google, MSN, Yahoo and the rest. Our goal is to help potential clients find your site.

Because our roots are in video production , we often include stunning audio and video steaming in our web designs. These are high end videos, that are produced by our highly experienced staff, using the same production values that we us to produce our  live television and DVD projects.  These videos include live video, high end graphics and contemporary music.

Dan Achatz is our on staff photographer and company owner. Dan's favorite medium is still photography. His images can be seen locally in the Seattle area and nationally in print and on the web. We don't use stock images. We combine the best of your existing images with original images taken by Dan to make sure that your web sites and print projects are as striking visually as they are important to you future success.

Albatross Media is looking forward to designing you next media project.




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